1st Grand Avenue Liquors

St. Paul's Premier Beer, Liquor, and Wine shop

Black Friday Whiskey Sale!

November 24th-26th 10% off all Whiskey! Yes Scotch, Irish, American and Japanese All Whiskey/Bourbon...


Big News!!!!

We are LIVE ON DOORDASH as of April 11th, 2023. You can now order your favorite beverages via our Doordash portal.
Listed under "First Grand Ave Liquors."

We are your one stop shop for all THC gummies and beverages. We have the best prices in town. Stop in and check out our selection!

We are your holiday wine headquarters!

Buy a half case of wine (6-11 bottles) and save 10% on EACH BOTTLE. Buy a full case (12+ bottles) and save 15% on each item.


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