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Our product offering is so well diversified that you’ll feel like your traveling around the world. So grab your passport and navigate your way through the items below, then stop in to learn more. Keep in mind that every trip to 1st Grand Avenue Liquors will result in a unique experience. Either through sight, taste, or sound, your journey to 1st Grand Avenue Liquors will leave you with a better understanding of the world of fine wines, liquors and beer. It might also leave you a little thirsty.

1st Grand Avenue Liquors handles a wine array of local craft liquor from all of the top local distilleries….

  • Wine

    1st Grand Avenue Liquors offers a wide selection for the wine enthusiast. You will find the finest California wines, as well as wine from the Old World vineyards of Italy, France and Germany plus an expanded selection to feature the highly rated and award winning wines of Australia, South America and South Africa as well. If you are looking for a vintage wine or just a great value on an everyday table wine, 1st Grand Avenue Liquors is the store for you.

  • Scotch

    For the Scotch lover, 1st Grand Avenue is your destination. Nick and JoAnn have worked to build a fine collection of single malt scotches. 1st Grand Avenue Liquors invites you to experience scotches from the scenic highland regions to the lowland regions. The 1st Grand Avenue team will have a scotch that is sure to please the most discernable tastes of any Scotch drinker.

  • Whiskey

    From the small batch and single barrel to all varieties of bourbon straight from the heart of Kentucky, 1st Grand Avenue offers a wide selection of whiskeys carried everyday in stock. For more particular selections or international buys, stop on in and the 1st Grand Avenue Liquors staff will work with you to complete your order.

  • Vodkas, Gins and more

    Vodkas and Gins are two of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. 1st Grand Avenue Liquors can help educate you and explore the wide variety of options available. Plus, beyond the staples of a well stocked bar lie endless options to help wet your whistle. From liqueurs and cordials to flavored mixers, 1st Grand Avenue Liquors can help enhance your appreciation of the finer things in life.

  • Champagne

    If the bubbly is more your thing, JoAnn is the person to talk to. With extensive knowledge of champagne and sparkling wines – both the familiar and famous produces down to the craft shops – JoAnn and the 1st Grand Avenue team will help you select the perfect mix for your next special occasion.

  • Beer and Hard seltzer

    What’s on tap? Nearly anything you’d want. We carry a wide variety of local craft beer with the newest, hippest beer in the market to your national craft beer to your everyday lagers and Seltzers…